President Obama warn Assad against use of chemical weapon attacks.

Barack Barack obama said using substance weaponry would be a "tragic mistake"
US Primary executive Barack Barack obama has cautioned Syrian Primary executive Bashar al-Assad he will experience "consequences" if he uses substance weaponry against his individuals.
"The globe is viewing. The use of substance weaponry is and would be absolutely undesirable," said Mr Barack obama.
A Syrian formal has was adament it would "never, under any circumstances" use such weaponry, "if such weaponry exist".
Meanwhile, the U. s. Countries says it is taking "all non-essential worldwide staff" out of Syria.
As many as 25 out of 100 worldwide team could keep this several weeks time, the UN information organization Irin revealed, while all relief tasks outside Damascus will be stopped for enough time being.
'World is watching'

In a conversation on atomic non-proliferation at the Nationwide Protection School in Ft McNair, Mr Barack obama said: "We've proved helpful to keep weaponry from distributing, whether it was atomic content in Libya or nor substance weaponry in Syria.
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Syria's substance weapons
The CIA considers Syria has had a substance weaponry program "for decades and already has a stockpile of CW providers which can be provided by airplane, ballistic rocket, and artillery rockets"
Syria is considered to obtain mustard gas and sarin, a very harmful sensors agent
The CIA also considers that Syria has attempt to create more harmful and more chronic sensors providers, such as VX gas
A review stating Turkish, Arabic and European intellect organizations put Syria's stockpile at roughly 1,000 loads of substance weaponry, saved in 50 areas and cities
Syria has not finalized the Chemical Weapons Meeting (CWC) or ratified the Scientific and Toxins Weapons Meeting (BTWC)
Sources: CSIS, RUSI
Could US eliminate Syria substance weapons?
"We basically cannot allow the Modern day to be dark by the more intense weaponry of the Twentieth millennium."
"And these days I want to create it definitely obvious to Assad and anyone who is under his control... If you create the terrible error of using these weaponry there will be repercussions and you will be attributed."
But Damascus denied accusations it was preparing to use such weaponry.
A international ministry spokesperson was estimated by condition tv as saying: "Syria verifies regularly it will never, under any circumstances, use substance weaponry against its own individuals, if such weaponry are available."
Syria is considered to keep substance weaponry - such as mustard gas and sarin, a very harmful sensors broker - at a multitude of websites around the nation.
The CIA has said those weaponry "can be provided by airplane, ballistic rocket, and artillery rockets".
One un-named US formal talked to the New You are able to Periods of "potential substance tool preparation".
The White-colored Home says the stage of issue was such that California is preparing concurrent programs.
EU Damascus pull-out
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Kim Ghattas

The Present is involved about the likelihood that the Assad govt might use substance weaponry in last anxious take a position. But the US is just as involved about the weaponry dropping in the incorrect leads if main power breaks.
Washington has been operating on concurrent preparing since the summer time season, when Mr Barack obama first cautioned that Syria's use of substance weaponry would mix a red range and could modify his calculus about involvement. The US has been co-ordinating with companions in the area like The the air jordan and Israel about programs to protected the weaponry in the occasion Mr Assad drops.
Although the US will not give information about its preparing, it's believed that obtaining the websites would need a large number of floor soldiers. The condition division also said the US is discussing to the Syrian resistance about how the rebels should manage and help protected the WMDs if they get entry to them.
The problems in Syria had improved the chance of relief employees in the nation due to the improved chance of infrequent capturing by battling causes., said Sabir Mughal, the UN's chief protection advisor in Syria.
The European Partnership, which has a diplomatic workplace in the Syrian investment, has verified it too is "to decrease actions in Damascus to a lowest stage due to the present protection conditions".
Earlier, The red sea Air requested the come back of a journey on its way to Damascus amongst reviews of a "bad protection situation" around manchester international terminal - only a day after finishing its revocation of routes following assault around manchester international terminal and in the capital's suburban areas the other day.
Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jihad Makdissi is revealed to have already remaining the nation, even before reviews that he had been ignored, evidently to create claims out of range with govt plan.
Rebels have been creating benefits on the floor, and the go of the Arabic Group has said the Syrian govt could drop whenever they want, the BBC's Jim Muir reviews from Beirut.
But it still maintains the investment, areas of the second town Aleppo, and other centers and one diplomat said it still has a lot of battle remaining in it.
Turkish concerns

Intelligence that the Syrian govt was thinking about the use of the missiles is what led nearby Chicken to ask for North athlantic treaty organisation Patriot rocket defences along its boundaries, Turkish authorities were estimated as saying on Weekend.
Several Syrian mortar seashells - targeted at insurgent objectives near to the edge - have arrived in Turkish area in latest several weeks, major Ankara to ask North athlantic treaty organisation for the implementation of the innovative anti-missile battery power.
But European Primary executive Vladimir Putin, after speaks with Turkish Primary Reverend Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul on Thursday, cautioned against such a shift, worrying it would "exacerbate" rather than "defuse" stress on the edge.
Moscow has stayed a key best friend of Syria during the 22-month issue, while Ankara now supports the rebels trying to oust Primary executive Assad.
There was no cutting-edge on how to "regulate the situation" in Syria, said Mr Putin, while emphasising that the Turkish and European "assessment of the scenario absolutely coincides".
"We are not supporters of the obligatory Syrian power," he said


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