PIA journey grabs fire; travelers such as ministers, CJ safe

The motor of an Islamabad-bound Pakistan Worldwide Airline carriers (PIA) journey, with Associates Nationwide Set up, government ministers, and Primary Rights of Pakistan on panel ignited just before take off on Weekend.
The journey, PK-300 was on the taxiway when the flame split out in one of its google, press revealed. Announcing urgent, Municipal Airplane Power (CAA) terminated the journey.
Rescue groups have been sent for providing the flame under management and evacuation of travelers.
Federal Reverend, Maula Bux Chandio, speaking with a personal TV route criticized PIA for its mismanagement and complete mess.
"Smoke billowing out of the losing motor runaway into fuselage after they started out the urgent quit hatch out. It was imprisoning in there. I saw many travelers, who were not sensation well at all, gasping for air", said he.
MNA, Yousuf Talpur, who was also on the aircraft, selected apart PIA for jeopardizing passengers' life by using aircraft which should have been outdated by now.
"The access of this very aircraft we were on panel is prohibited in Europe" he said.
National banner service provider has a record of details due to obsolete and under-maintained navy.


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