Pakistan and china cooperation is increasing

Wednesday, Dec 04, 2012 - Karachi—Gao Xiging, Chief executive of China suppliers Financial commitment Organization (CIC), has said that bilateral interaction on business and market between China suppliers and Pakistan to get new experience as two nations are great buddies and Pakistan is one of the best buddies of China suppliers.
Speaking at a reception organized by Karachi Stage of Industry and market the CIC Chief executive added that both nations have been committed to develop closer bilateral interaction and further extend their financial engagement for achieving common growth.
Opportunities for combined tasks in different market do exist. So far, China-Pakistani financial and business cooperation has seen excellent success. He also said that Pakistan is also our neighbor country and China always feel secure in Pakistan. Pakistan has very excellent prospective in different areas. China suppliers is also giving new experience to its market with market variation. China-Pakistan’s business and financial cooperation has seen excellent success. China suppliers Financial commitment Organization (CIC) is State-Owned Institution, having around $200 Billion dollars forex trading supplies goes into into investment, combined tasks, shareholding etc.
Speaking on the occasion Muhammad Haroon Sehingga, Chief executive, Karachi Stage of Industry & Industry(KCCI) indicated that Pakistan and China suppliers can jointly do amazing things as the financial and commercial activities are now focusing towards Asia.
With Pak-China common financial and cooperation, local business and trading with SAARC, ECO and Central Asian blocks can increase to manifolds.
He advised China purchase of energy, facilities, metro-railways, mass-transit, public works tasks which are direly needed to uplift economic system and further strengthen Pak-China helpful relationship and financial cooperation. He said that China cooperation with Pakistan reached high points with substantial investments from China suppliers in Pakistani infra architectural expansion, such as the noted tasks in the Pakistan deep water slot in Gawadar, however, in view of Pak China suppliers Friendly relationship which is deeper than ocean, greater than Himalaya, growth in common cooperation is important to uplift Pakistan’s decline economic system.
He mentioned Karakorum Highway as a remarkable example of common cooperation which is the symbol of friendship and understanding. 2011 was famous as “Pakistan –China Friendly relationship Year, on 60th Anniversary of Pak China suppliers Relations”. More than 11,000 China engineers, technicians and workers are rendering their valuable services in success and growth of Pakistan.
Chinese purchase of Pakistan increased many fold in key areas such as slot growth, streets, railways, mobile phones communication technology, hydro and heat energy, exploration, electronics, and nuclear energy. A lot of China organizations are working in Pakistan in oil and gas, IT and telecommunications, energy creation, technological innovation, vehicles, facilities and exploration market. Both nations have free business contracts which should be effectively researched for common benefits of both helpful nations. Community as well personal market Pak-China combined tasks are need of time due to immenseinvestment prospective in Pakistan.
Chairman Sindh Board of Financial commitment & former Chief executive KCCI Muhammad Zubair Motiwala suggested the Chief executive of China suppliers Financial commitment Organization to establish Pak-China common finance that can finance the prospective tasks and combined tasks in people and personal market of Pakistan. He articulated that Pakistan has 2nd largest supplies of Fossil fuel. Pakistan can benefit from China specialized assistance in coal energy tasks. He also highlighted on the urgent need for speeding up the effort for growth of natural and cheaper energy resources. Reliable, efficient, secure and affordable solutions for coal based energy creation. China Technical expertise in wind energy is also important. Pakistan and China suppliers can also create partnership in fabric market as China organizations buy fabric products from Pakistan.
He also underscored combined cooperation in in education market. Pakistan also need tech support and help to build facilities for instance express ways and connects. Financial commitment possibilities are also available to promote travel and leisure.


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