Indian will not get involved in Norwegian child misuse case

The government has said that it will not get involved in a legal matter including a Native indian several organised in a stated kid misuse situation in Norwegian, reviews said on Saturday.
According to reviews, close relatives members has had trouble with Norwegian regulators in the past. The Native indian couple.
Jail Native indian several over 'maltreatment' of son: Norway
Indian several organised in Norwegian for correcting kid, claims family
arrested in Norwegian in an stated kid misuse situation were billed with "gross recurring maltreatment" of their kid for which the justice has suggested a minimum phrase of one season and three several weeks for the moms and dads.
According to a declaration by Oslo Cops Division, the several have been remanded in legal care, as there is reason to fear that they will avoid justice by coming back to Indian.

The judge of is attractive in process of hearing the defence's appeal amd the reasoning will be noticeable in Oslo region judge on Dec 3.

"The several have been billed with total recurring maltreatment of their child/children by risks, assault or other wrong under section 219 of the Penal Code," law enforcement department said.

"The justice suggested a phrase of one season three several weeks for the mother and one season six several weeks for the dad. The reasoning in the situation would be noticeable on Thursday, Dec 3."

Chandrasekhar Vallabhaneni, a software professional from Andhra Pradesh, and his spouse his spouse Anupama - an officer of the Native indian embassy were taken into legal care by law enforcement in Oslo.

The police caught Chandrasekhar after his 7-year-old kid revealed to his university instructors that his moms and dads were harmful to send him coming back to Indian for his functions, Chandrasekhar's nephew V Sailender, who is in Hyderabad, stated.

The boy was discovered wetting his trousers in the university bus which was revealed to his dad, who in turn "threatened" the kid that he would be sent coming back to Indian if he recurring that again, Sailender said, adding the boy was also discovered bringing toys from university.

The occurrence comes barely several weeks after another row including an Native indian several and their kids.

Abhigyan (3) and Aishwarya (4) were taken away from their moms and dads -- Anurup and Sagarika Bhattacharya -- by Norway's Child Well being Society in May last season on grounds of "emotional disconnect".


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  1. I am shocked about all this. The kind of Indians that came abroad once were at their best...with some exceptions. I don't even like arguments and yelling...which is something that low level Indians resort to. I absolutely hate it. But hitting, slapping, chocking...things I never associated with Indian parents. There is a study that is showing that many Indians, eager to go abroad and make money, are not able to handle the stress, combined with cheap Indian male ego, among the lower or up-and-coming classes, poor communication skills coupled with work that is "dehumanizing and focuses on only one set of skills or abilities", is pushing people to behave like animals...towards children...and that too their own. I used to see Indian mothers hug and coddle their children...sometimes over protecting them. I used to see fathers working long and hard to make sure their kids be well fed and well taken care of. Now they have kids as anchor babies so they can get green cards and make money. Who are these people? I do think there is something about the Gulti community that needs to be evaluated carefully. They get so defensive that they suddenly start pointing fingers at others. My respect went up for Punjabis went up when one Punjabi psychologist talked about Punjabis having higher levels of violence - particularly between men. And when a Gulti woman told me about Telegus not being very sophisticated in their behavior or thinking in Iowa. It was my first time with a community up close...where there was denial, trivialization and very low thinking and low behaviors...among immigrants. After being around these people, and their shallow thinking and behaviors I left. But this is the growing Indian immigrant population...and they are, as I predicted, the new ghetto dysfunctionals. My suspicion is that we are going to see more murder, abuse, violence and low class behaviors...Sophisticated Indians are moving back...all this trash is going abroad and getting citizenships.

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