I am a pakistani

Hi, I am a Pakistani. I am a Islamic first (because I have been advised this since the day I was designed and my instructors also advised me that this is the purpose I got this country) and then I am a Pakistani. Until I achieved higher education, I had no concept what a Sunni or a Shia was until I saw some of my buddies in higher education say the wishes in a different way. I was also advised that my nation views Ahmedis as ‘kafirs’, I discovered it quite unusual as they seemed just like me because Kafirs in my view were always expected to be white-colored skinned. When I converted 18 I was advised that now I am qualified to get a NIC cards and therefore a generating certificate also, I discovered this quite unusual because I had been generating the car for the last 2 decades without any one avoiding me. Then the elections came, I kept listening to from the roads the catch phrases of ‘Jiye Bhutto’, I requested my mom and father who was Bhutto and they said he was an excellent innovator and his little girl is now contesting the elections and we will all elect for her.
When I requested if she would come to be as excellent as Bhutto, I was silenced. Then came Kargil, my buddies advised me that whenever now Pakistan would come to be the winner against the attacker known as ‘India’. After a while I observed that an Military common had taken over the govt, I believed maybe this was because we won the war? 9/11 occurred and I was advised that either I am with the US or against it. I had observed that individuals always desired to go to this nation and stay the relax of their life there but if I was against or with it, I did not know as I had never been there. Then I saw individuals getting murdered on the roads through weapons and enemy actions. When I requested who they are, some said they are extremist who are upset at the US profession of Afghanistan (but why are they focusing on me?) then some said they are US conspirators (I requested again, why focus on me?) then someone said they are the key organizations (I said if they are the key organizations then they are not any excellent in maintaining it a secret).
Then one day, I observed Bhutto’s little girl had been murdered in an strike and I saw individuals weeping and condemning it. I also saw many who had been her staunch competitors when she was in existence, they were also frightened. They began enjoying her; I was amazed at how individuals can be so enthusiastic about someone who has approved away.  Then someone advised me that her son will now be go of the celebration and he has also taken the name ‘Bhutto’, the same query came in my thoughts if he would be as excellent as his mom. I desired to discuss to him but I was advised he only speaks to international media and celebration events. I began awaiting the day when he will concept me.
Then I saw my cricket idol, Imran Khan in Lahore. He had such large fan following. He used the phrase ‘Tsunami’ again and again. He said all are welcome to be a part of in. I was amazed at the route of Tsunami because the increase of political figures seemed like a Tsunami indeed. Imran said no to drones – speaks with Taliban. I requested who will penalize the murderers who damaged my house, I was misused and confronted and advised I am an United states broker. Really the same The united states, which had confronted me with ‘with us or against us’ query.
Someone then advised me to think about nothing else and elect for the celebration which designed Pakistan – Pakistan Islamic Group, but I had only one issue even though I examined the record guides I could not look for the phrase Nawaz in 1947. May be I was looking in the incorrect era. I saw this celebration circulating notebooks among young people, I liked it but when I requested about the woman who was circulating these notebooks, they advised me she is Nawaz’s little girl. I requested is she a reverend, they said no, I requested is she a MNA or MPA?, they said no, then I requested who is she? They said she is Nawaz’s little girl. I kept quite.
Today, I experience like I am in a space complete of catch phrases, allegations, counter-accusations. I just want all this disturbance to quit. I want to put both my arms on my listening to and yell ‘SHUT UP’.
I am a Pakistani, I am no one else. I am only a Pakistani.


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