Will declare jihad to save Pakistan: Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has said that he will “declare jihad to save Pakistan” and “will disarm all militants group operating in the country,” reported Mail Today on Wednesday.

In an interview with the Indian daily, Khan spoke on the issue of terrorism in Pakistan and said that terror leaders can be “transformed.”
“I am sure they can be put into nation building, human beings can change. I will make them realise that militancy is not a solution.”
The PTI chief, who is currently present in India to attend the World Economic Forum in Gurgaon, said that he will bring the culprits behind Mumbai attacks to justice, if he is made the prime minister of Pakistan.
Khan assured that as the prime minister, he would ensure that terrorism does not stem from the Pakistani soil.
He said:
“India must understand the legal process takes time, but I will bring the Mumbai perpetrators to justice. We have to follow the rule of law.”
The daily says that during the interview, the PTI chief was confident of winning the elections. “I have created the only democratic party in Pakistan. We are now preparing for a democratic tsunami,” said Khan.
Relationship with India
Speaking about Pakistan’s relationship with India, he said he was “in favour of a new relationship.”
“All these years we have had a relationship which was detrimental to the entire subcontinent. We moved one step forward, two steps backward. Mumbai came, (and) we were back to square one.”
Khan urged that there was a need for leadership of both countries to take on vested interests. “Who want to make money on the conflict?” He said young people “were tired of the continuing hostility between the two countries.”
No military solution to resolve Kashmir issue
The PTI chief said that a military solution could not help resolve the Kashmir issue and said that as the Pakistani premier, he will take the peace initiative. “It can be resolved. I will work on a road map by making people from India, Pakistan and Kashmiris look for a solution by sitting on a table.”
He added, “India is using troops in Kashmir. They are losing the battle of heart and minds. It’s like treating cancer with dispirin.”
‘No ties with the ISI’
When questioned about his ties with the Inter-Services Intelligence and the Pakistan Army, Khan said that he will “quit politics if anyone can prove I have taken one rupee from the ISI.”


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