Why I am voting for Barack Obama

I live in New York City. Currently, over a half million people in the city are without power and many are starting to run out of the food and water they stocked up before the storm. Our subway suffered the most severe damage in a century, with water literally up to the ceiling of several stations. And, though it’s hard to imagine, the damage in parts of New Jersey and elsewhere is far, far worse.

Individuals all over the eastern seaboard are pitching in and helping out their neighbors, but crises like these are bigger than individuals alone can address. That is why, in their infinite wisdom, our Founding Fathers founded a nation, the way we pool our resources for the common good. And this is why I will vote for President Obama, the only candidate who will ensure that in moments like this, in moments of great crisis and need, our government is strong and effective and ready to respond.

The political class has been fixated on budget cutting and deficit reduction, but spending that can seem expendable on paper is self-evidently vital when disaster strikes. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would cut 40% of FEMA spending and disaster relief. On paper, that is just an abstract number. In lower Manhattan, that’s 40% fewer water pumps to clear our streets and fewer generators to keep hospitals running.


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