UK Girls reluctant about marriage

The survey of families and children boys and girls change the doctrine sought to expose.The'Girls' Guide' name survey made by the girls ghrgrhsty the value marriage and still do, but they do not consider it a life full of success.

The survey six hundred and twelve hundred boys and girls were questioned. Whose age was between seven to twenty years.
Survey, it was clear that the girls Fifty-six percent in 2012 to confidence and success seem to be independent. While twenty percent of girls marry.
It appears from these figures that the girls have positive thinking about marriage but most open-minded about whether marriage is the best option in life.
Sixty-nine percent of the girls agreed that certain types of behavior are not well fymlyun the parents who are not married, and single lesbian mother or father to child.
Greater percentage of people believed the wedding is just a piece of paper and seventy six percent did not agree that people should not get married.
Forty-six percent of people that get married couple decides to divorce quickly and do not try to resolve issues.
This year's survey includes boys was the first time that teenagers can compare their ideas.
Most boys and girls feel the responsibility of raising children should be the same for both mother and father.
Employment in girls than boys have more positive thinking.
Two of every three girls struggle to believe that education is a top priority.


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