U.K and USA going to control pakistani media

Calgary (Sabeel Ahmed anbaluy) American victory in the war on terror for the project called 'public diplomacy' adarunmyn Pakistani journalist daryanada important for all journalists who take ubrtanyh the United States has decided to give special training .
in the first phase of the project, more than two hundred Pakistani journalist trained in U.S. and UK are doing. study documents received by this correspondent revealed that surprisingly recently, a Pakistani journalist, the National SecurityWhile, expressed his concern., if the program continues according to plan, then Pakistan will become the only country in the world, the most important of all media outlets in the U.S. and UK, the fight against terrorism would have received special training. admission forms issued by the Pakistani media organizations in the U.S. and UK is clearly the aim of the training and visit to the United States and Britain in the war on terrorism contributed to effective response leaders and policy makers to develop public. WASHINGTON Pakistani journalist circles reveal that the creator of this program is actually a Pakistani federal minister, he proposed that amazing three-day strategic dialogue in Washington in had the Americans not only immediately accepted, but this year implement a started., the minister 21 Oct 2010 in Washington Pakistani journalists talk boastfully it mentioned, and the next day several newspapers that report published was. U.S. Under Secretary judth Michael, are responsible for a major part of this program, strategic dialogue, Pakistan's Federal Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira during the same issues with negotiations were led by our staff. Britain andThe most active when the U.S. State Department, the Department every year, 125 Pakistani journalists a year, the U.S. is taking., Pakistan U.S. Education Foundation in this issue deal is. informed achieve the e-mail U.S. Education Foundation in response advised to visit their web site, there are details to verify Details of the program. terms of site conditions is clearly the only Pakistani journalist for the program
Are entitled to a minimum of five years, and the media associated newspaper or any media organization to hold an important responsibility. Trained for two years under the program is being


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