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The  Rich poor difference in the mortality
Rich country's poorest citizens
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This yuraguayy residence of President Jose muhyka the lifestyle of most other world leaders have radically different.
President muhyka the yuraguayy full of government incentives and capital declined residence a roadside preferred to stay at home wife., He and his wife work in the fields and flowers grow.
President muhyka lifestyle that ninety percent of their salary that is equivalent to twelve thousand dollars to charity makes them the world's poorest.

He was sitting on old chair in your garden says' I just spent most of my life., Which is something I can live with it very well.Yuraguayy two thousand ten accordance with the law when he indicated that his annual income was one thousand eight hundred dollars. Nineteen hundred eighty seven in the amount purchased their vehicle is worth.
The amount of the country's vice president, one-third of the money is made.
President Jose mujyka
NREGA muhyka yuraguayy President was elected president in two thousand nine. Nineteen hundred sixty and seventy the NREGA in the decade of the yuraguayy the left-wing guerrilla armed groups are part of tupamsrus. Shot him six times and he was imprisoned fourteen years. Their
harsh conditions of imprisonment and isolation, I spent most of the time. NREGA nineteen hundred and fifty were acquitted after the restoration of democracy.

According to the imprison them in the muhyka years of his life is currently configured format.

He says' poorest president called me, but I do not feel poverty. Poor, they are working to adopt the expensive lifestyle and the desire to always do more. "


He says, "It seems a strange old shz but this is my free choice. '

Republican leaders of the same words yuraguayy Plus Twenty countries were told at a meeting in June. Said: "We talk all the afternoon are able to support growth, people talk out of poverty., We What are you thinking? Consumption growth of rich countries and we want to adopt? '

"I ask you also to all Indian residents to vehicles such as the German inhabitants of the planet, then what? We will be how much oxygen? '

'What on this planet are so many resources that seven or eight billion people have the same consumption and emissions, as can be seen in the rich societies? It is the excess of consumption that are damaging the planet. "

President mujyka the yuraguayy government incentives and capital-rich residence rejected a roadside preferred to stay at home with his wife.

NREGA in two thousand nine, after the election of President muhyka fifty percent decrease in popularity. Yuraguayy this year criticized the President made two controversial measures.

The Congress recently passed a law that each of the twelve weeks of pregnancy has been dropped as the law. President muhyka did not vote for him.

The consumption of qnb support of a legal argument that government monopoly in the trade will be qnb. They said 'qnb consumption is nothing more annoying, the real problem is the drug trade. '


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