Supreme courts Orders To Stop Advertising Personalities In Government Advertise

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is satisfied with Superior Judge declaration regarding position of pictures of governmental individualities on govt ads.
In a declaration released Wed, Assistant Details PTI Shafqat Mahmood said, “these images are being placed on govt ads by government and provincial government authorities to get governmental usage for their specific events. This is neglect of govt cash and also volumes to pre-poll rigging”.

He further said that Punjab Government is placing images of Nawaz Sharif on its ads, who has no formal position in Punjab or govt.

Federal and Sindh govt do the same and position Zardari’s images. Since the Chief executive is a go of condition it is unsuitable for his picture to appear on ads of provincial govt actions. It is excellent, he said, that Superior Judge has taken observe of this neglect and desired a response from the govt.


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