Slection of new chinese leadership

China is now the world's second largest economic power has become increasingly important global player, the whole world's eyes are fixed on the meeting of Congress.

Congress has

China will surpass the United States as '2016 '
Beginning of the change of leadership in China
China is more democratic than the west?

SinThe Congress is held every five years later and announced changes in party policies and party leadership is.

The November issue of the Eight Congress of China more than two thousand two hundred delegates were expected to attend.

Determined by the strength and unity in Congress will be demonstrated, but Congress has kept mostly secret proceedings.

If you are sure that many if not most of the issues about which the Congress party leadership has already decided it will be.

Not yet known how long the meeting would go, but recently nhys Congress meeting in more than a week.
What is important?

It is also important for Congress this year that will confirm the transfer of leadership. Occurs once in ten years this transition.

Party leaders about age limits are very strict attitude and this year pult Bureau Standing Committee of the strongest party, that party assumes power, seven of the nine members are full term. The current head of China President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao included.

Soon after the new leadership of the Congress will be brought before the media and their seniority will come out of the turn.
Congress of China

Decision within closed doors in Congress on important issues are

The power of China will lead the next ten years.
Who will be the new leader of China?

After the Congress leadership is expected to replace Hu Jintao, Vice President Xi will be handed over to the pin, which will become the country's president next year.

This particular group of the party 'Prince' whose origin is from the former elders.

Deputy Prime Minister and close associate of Hu Jintao has said about kykyang is that they will replace Premier Wen Jiabao.

It is also being said that the Standing Committee of nine members from seven would be reduced.
How are leaders chosen?

In theory, Congress is elected Central Committee members, including the Bureau Standing Committee selects the pult that the decision is all about China.

But in reality this process is from top to bottom, not the top down, and Congressional leaders actually a rubber stamp for decisions proves.

What's new leadership will make a difference?

The new leadership of the pro-reform calling for immediate reform to the economic and social problems can be prevented before it becomes a crisis that could undermine Communist leadership grip on power.

They have been warned that without political reforms that the state should stop calling options that not much progress sip tail which may increase dissatisfaction among the people.
The leader is retiring this happens?

Retired Chinese leaders are often influence behind the scenes.

NREGA two thousand two, the party leader Jiang Zemun after losing power for almost two years was head of the Central Commission. Was also walking on a path that Hu Jintao probably do the same.

Former party without official positions 'big' enough to keep busy.


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