Sherry good remarks Grossman's part in Pak-US ties

Pakistan’s ambassador to the U. s. Declares Sherry Rehman has valued Unique Associate Marc Grossman’s diplomatic initiatives to put Pakistan-US connection on good velocity after a challenging level. Grossman is getting down as US special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan on Dec 14, after providing for about two decades in the place.
“I wish him the very best and know he will keep be a buddy  of Pakistan whatever area of project he selects to engage in,” Ambassador Rehman said.
The Pakistani ambassador mentioned that as Unique Associate for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Grossman and his co-workers proved helpful untiringly with her co-workers and her, particularly when the bilateral connections were at their smallest ebb.
“Part of the money score for placing the connection on a good velocity and providing it to the existing level, where we are in several interactions with each other at all ideal and diplomatic stages, goes to him”, she said in a declaration.
“His reliability, dedication, reliability, and dedication to enhancing Pakistan-US connections at all periods will be kept in mind not just by us, but by both countries”.


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