Shah rukh says I am not cheap

What's a Rs 100 crore to a king? His newest movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan has already moved the miracle level and is still going stable at the box workplace. But the Master continues to be unfazed. 

SRK giggled and said, "It's just a new measuring stick. Previously, it was either a gold jubilee or 100 periods... Now, individuals have a measuring stick even for trailers! They will keep modifying and there will be a new standard every few decades. I think every movie will now create Rs 100 crore but each movie will still have its own originality."

The achievements of Jab Tak Hai Jaan has not come without its reasonable proportion of demands. First the loss of life of his tutor Yash Chopra and then the tussle of his manufacturers with Ajay Devgn. Also, the impact it could have on his friendly connection with Ajay Devgn's spouse Kajol. 

"Ajay might be having some righteous factors in his thoughts about the way submission should be done. Jab Tak Hai Jaan is not my movie although I have a aspect of it. I have a wonderful connection with Kajol and I have met Ajay a few periods. After Yashji's (Chopra) loss of life we were all in a different area and I did not want to stay in this area," said SRK.

But all is well in his empire so far. The man requires his much-touted competition with various stars with a touch of sodium. 

He said, "I know individuals say that I am tricky, detached; company oriented, etc, but I am not inexpensive. Meri toh jab image aati hai ek nayi competition shuru ho jati hai. This season there was no one, so it's Ajay. Previously it was Akshay and factors like Khiladi compared to Master. Mein toh sab se pyaar se milta hoon."


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