The silence of Taliban

The last two days in Islamabad between Pakistani and Afghan delegates agreed to release Taliban members in the reconciliation process, but the Taliban did not respond to neuss. Shows it?

's Silence is consent or semi Taliban are rapidly changing circumstances are carefully reviewed and a formal response will later? The situation is not clear.
If the Taliban continue normal operations, are forward-looking statements relating but about as meaningful Lips avoid being hoisted. Available e-mail puchygyy The Taliban remain wary of answering queries are full-time.

If that did not happen suddenly decided to release Taliban. Discuss the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan has been going on for quite some time. Diplomatic circles, the Pakistan delegation on arrival a list of nearly ten Taliban prisoners to Afghan authorities which was handed over to Afghan authorities was not acceptable. responded by Afghans raised the issue of the release of four people.

The five-star hotel in Islamabad on Wednesday where it was thra delegation talks all day was a long process. Never to Pakistan and Afghanistan to Afghans, Pakistani officials sometimes get ideas from. Joint declaration forLate left.

According to the different positions that the Pakistan Taliban can not agree to this.

was to establish direct contact.

Release and corridor stakeholders with the support of the case set a modest but direct support and coordination of the Muslim world 'work in progress' was decided.

The International Conference on Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or any other Muslim country will be held after the withdrawal of the U.S. military strikes against the Taliban take fatwas from scholars including reliable. Crucial to the future of the Afghan government will progress.
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Taliban's silence is half consent or conditions that change rapidly are closely

Salahuddin Rabbani, head of Afghan peace council to discuss the local media breakfast brmla in Quetta shura said the government of Pakistan has demanded to speak or communicate. Karachi or Shura Quetta Pakistan has denied the existence of the general impression is that the Taliban leader hiding in Pakistan.

The Taliban is growing into a question about the release of the Afghan government benefit? Members of the Afghan delegation Abdul mbarz talking to the BBC that he hopes the confidence and peace-making process will move forward.

"We hope that this will allow the Taliban to join the national mainstream., We want the Taliban to participate in two thousand twelve presidential elections and bring your candidate. '


Deputy U.S. Ambassador haglynd had the desire to start their own reconciliation process in Afghanistan will lead her. Has an important role in the Pakistan. "This is a good initiative and we are delighted. '

Americans for positive development, but it is certainly still depends on the response to the Taliban. Partners and other demands release will be willing to show how much flexibility.


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