Poor hound: Mark Buehrle’s dog will also not be welcome in Toronto

Miami Marlins fans aren't the only ones getting a raw deal after Jeffrey Loria kicked his fire sale into high gear on Tuesday.

Also getting jobbed? Slater, Mark Buehrle's increasingly (and unfairly) maligned American Staffordshire terrier. You might remember that the pitcher's dog fell under Miami-Dade County's pit bull ban, forcing the Buehrle family to live in Broward County after Buehrle signed a four-year, $58 million contract with the Marlins last offseason.
Buehrle did not get a no-trade clause as part of the deal and now his family — which includes a total of four dogs — are heading north to Canada as part of Tuesday's massive trade with the Toronto Blue Jays. That would seem to be good news since the Jays will be competitors, but it also creates another massive hurdle since there's an even bigger pit bull ban in place where they're relocating. The entire province of Ontario has banned pit bulls since 2005, so Slater is going to be in a bit of a bind unless his dad wants to do the long commute from Quebec each day.
No matter what happens, though, Buehrle is almost guaranteed to make his feelings known while lending a helping hand. He and his wife Jamie led a petition to end the ban in Miami-Dade County, started the popular "Sox for Strays" charity when he pitched for the Chicago White Sox, paid the bills for an injured dog at a shelter and was outspoken in his criticism of NFL star Michael Vick. He is a dog's best friend, no matter where he happens to work.


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