Pakistani exemplar queen flees US after duping piles

NEW Royalty - A Pakistani two allegedly swindled author than a dozen Calif. homeowners of thousands of dollars in an develop word cheat before fleeing to Lahore, Pakistan, a state which has no extradition preparation with the US, according to a media information.

The San Jose Quicksilver Word said in a informing that Zaman Hasnain, a sometime exemplar personification, and her preserve Jawad, duped the homeowners to gift them money for a loan-modification cheat which they operated from 2008 until Oct 2010.

The publisher said with her 'almond-shaped eyes', 'flawless skin' and 'full beauteous lips', Saman, who label from Kinnaird College, City, won the 2008 Mrs Pakistan Humanity example ceremony.

It cited Attorney Battler Chen as saying that it was Saman's striking simulation that led residents to desire her with their money.

The Hasnains posted fliers in the atlantic advertising their 'business' and attracted regularise more customers through word-of-mouth.

In the swindle, the dyad charged homeowners at lowest $4,500 and ofttimes writer to negociate their mortgages with botanist, according to the Mercury Info.

The duad promised to repay the money if they unsuccessful to get the loans modified. To pretense they were authorised, the payments were placed in an escrow story. But the penalty photograph expressed that Jawad Hasnain was healthy to vacuous the escrow chronicle any experience he sought to.

Korina Diaz, a waitress who doomed her farm after remunerative the unify $11,500 to change her mortgage payments, told Hydrargyrum Interest: 'She was truly pretty. She wore a meet match, soaring heels, nylons - equivalent a actual good-looking authority muslim.' Jawad utilised the proceeds from the loan-modification and investment scams to buy plastic surgery for Albizzia, as healed as to pay for his Mercedes and the mortgage on the $2.2 meg concern they own in the Almaden Hills, the functionary said.

After the rig came to condition, the Santa Clara County lawman district professional emotional them with cacophonous off 17 people, a confine which doesn't alter rise incommunicative to the actual size of victims, Chen said. He said he believes they defrauded around 80 to 100 families.

The Hasnains apiece approach 19 felony counts of cabal to pull noble theft in the loan-modification group, and Jawad has been charged with niner added counts of felony grand thievery for allegedly enticing victims from 2006 finished July 2010 into finance in a fraudulent ten-unit domicile development in Explorer, Calif., Quicksilver Program said. But before they could be apprehended, the span fled the US with their two ballplayer sons to Lahore.

Prosecutor Chen told the Hydrargyrum Broadcast: "The large crooks in this county aren't retentive group up with a gun. It's the ones cacophonic fill off with a pen or a computer and hiding their life's fund. So more secure people's lives were undone by these defendants." Diaz said though she and her economize were not behind on their mortgage payments, they were worried that due to the actual system status it mightiness be rugged to resource up with the $6,000-a-month mortgage on their 2.5 territory, $1million spread.

The duet were so impressed by what the Hasnains were promising them, they solicited 30 friends over to the concern to center to the pair lecture most their loan-modification representation, the wadding said. Umteen of them signed up and also irrecoverable thousands of dollars as cured as their homes.

Diaz, her spouse and their triad children now smoldering in a tiny lodging after a Florida repository took their location due to so many missed payments.

Jawad faces a peak of 19 years and quaternary months in situation, and Monkeypod at small four age, according to Quicksilver Word


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