Our pathology of fear by Khaled Ahmed

On Nov 19, 2012, ex-amir of the Jamaat-e-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed was assaulted by a women destruction bomber as he joined the Mohmand Tribe Organization, which is decided by a particularly savage Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader, Umar Khalid. After a filter evade, Qazi Sahib stated he was assaulted not by Taliban but by a mixture of international abilities — namely The united states, Indian and Israel.
Some Taliban-watchers said the strike could have been asked for by the TTP primary, Hakimullah Mehsud, through Umar Khalid. Reason? Because in Apr 2012, Qazi Sahib is stated to have said in an interview: “The Afghan Taliban’s level of immune to international causes in Afghanistan is real jihad and that of the Pakistani Taliban in Pakistan is un-Islamic”. Hakimullah had first only reported. Later, he released a more competitive movie CD through Umar Khalid, contacting him jihad-farosh (betrayer of jihad).
The destruction strike could still be a taken across the bow. Qazi Sahib is a well known non-clerical innovator of a cleric-dominated celebration. He put his celebration to a higher factor of energy and impact during the jihad against the Communist Partnership. Along with Afghan leader Hekmatyar, he basically determined plan in Islamabad.
But the warrior-base on which he designed his energy was not devoted to him and functioned just like Hakimullah.
Pakistan’s ex-foreign assistant, Riaz Muhammad Khan, in his guide Afghanistan and Pakistan: Issue, Extremism and Ability to resist Modernity (OUP 2011) associates how the Mujahideen battling the Communist Partnership let Qazi Sahib down when former pm Nawaz Sharif asked for Qazi Sahib, in 1992, to get Hekmatyar and Co. to accept an decided combined temporary govt in Kabul:
“It was organized for Qazi Hussain Ahmed to fulfill the Tanzeemat authority. After conference for several time, Qazi Sahib was extremely disappointed with the Jamiat and Hizb management and said, ‘There was an occasion when these individuals had resulted in at my front door in tatters. These days they do not pay attention to me’ (p.44)”.
Qazi Sahib will not name his assailants. He rather places blame on those “working for America”. This, of course, gibes with the range implemented by PPP Internal Reverend Rehman Malik, who often clues at the “foreign hand”. The country is awaiting a new ‘post-American’ purchase on the reasons for a purposeful misdiagnosis.
The pathology of worry was apparent when ANP innovator Ghulam Ahmad Bilour swore to destroy an United states manufacturer of a blasphemous movie, freely asking the Taliban for omission from focused eliminating in come back for this indictment of the “real enemy”. The act of exterior with the tormentor has two invisible aspects: 1) omission from discomfort and 2) self-empowerment against colleagues.
Self-empowerment was clearly in proof in the declaration of the Awami Tehreek, innovator Ayaz Palijo, when he came on tv and clinically diagnosed the issue of Sindh and Karachi as the trouble of The united states, Indian and Israel, in collusion with the MQM and the PPP, the last two having promised assistance to the development of a ‘new Israel’ in Karachi.
In Balochistan, too, it is Indian supported by the US and Israel that is eliminating the Hazara, even though the Hazara are very obvious about who is eliminating them — and it is not The united states. It is also Indian, the US and Israel slaughtering Punjabi schoolteachers, kidnapping physicians and killing reporters.
The combined psychological store of Pakistani nationalism has always marked Indian as the arch-enemy in a zero-sum fight with Pakistan. The US and Israel are the new substances in this nationwide prescribed. The issue is that no one on the globe confirms with it. Last it occurred, in 1971, we missing Eastern Pakistan. There are no exclusions to this weird agreement. The chemical make up of give up is at perform and the only fragrance stunning the nose is that of worry.


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