Mom delivers up little girl as a boy for two years

The Brazil lady assured everyone her little girl was a boy after changing her delivery history while in medical center and baptism her 'Samuel'.
She was lastly discovered out when the female's auntie became dubious and handled to look under the two year old's diaper.
The mother allegedly stated she did it because she had been misused as a kid and did not want her little girl to experience in the same way because she was a lady.
She informed how after being released from medical center she scraped out the mark on the 'female' box on the child's delivery history and noticeable 'male' instead.
She then handled to deceive team at a personal computer workplace in Goiania, main South america, and the lady was authorized as men.
Brazil's Record TV revealed how mom assured even the child's dad and grandma and grandpa that she was a boy. It is not known if the lady life with the female's dad.
For two decades she kept up the fraud and handled 'Samuel' as a boy, wearing her in boys' outfits, providing her boys' toys and games and reducing her hair short.


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