Men who get on well with mothers-in-law less likely to divorce

Getting along with the in-laws is never easy but it could be the key to a long and satisfied wedding, according to new analysis.
Husbands who appreciate a good connection with their in-laws have a 20 % greater possibility of preventing divorce, an United states analysis has discovered.
However, the other is real for females. Spouses who get on well with their in-laws are 20 % more likely to divided up.
According to scientists at the School of Mich, females who appreciate the organization of their in-laws may become too engaged with their spouse's close relatives, to the factor where wives believe their in-laws are meddling.
Men do not discuss the same problems, which could describe the difference between married couples.
Dr Terri Orbuch, a psycho therapist and analysis lecturer who led the analysis, said it's a good element of a connection if men get on well with their in-laws because "these connections link the spouse to the wife".


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