kashmir.permission to europian and American tourarist

Tourism-related businesses in India Administered Kashmir, separatist leaders and human rights organizations have welcomed the decision of the British government, which twenty years after the British citizens of Kashmir is to be allowed to drive.

Nineteen hundred ninety armed insurgency started in all European countries and the U.S. citizens who had issued a stay order stated that Kashmir is not safe for tourism.

This year the zkrbat the summer tourists and Hindu pilgrims from Kashmir exceeded one million but less than twenty thousand of them were foreign tourists.

The local government of Kashmir in the last several years for western countries to promote tourism in Kashmir spent more than five million. Past half year the U.S., Britain, Greece and Germany said sanctions were terminated in Kashmir on tourism is.

Kashmir's leading business related to tourism and the hotel owner gave Faiz told the BBC that he hopes the new economic development in Kashmir have been created.

Faiz Bakshi said 'nineteen hundred athasy European and American tourists came here in the thousands, but when armed insurgency started in Kashmir tours Europe and the U.S. banned for ten years.

He says "Banned from European and American people just kept coming Southeast Asia, but now that spring has returned to Kashmir tourism."

Coalition of human rights organizations, Coalition of Civil susayytyz chief Pervez amruz say nineteen hundred ninety five five foreign tourists, including two British nationals were kidnapped by armed men, after which

Has struggled since the arrival of foreign tourists.

"Nineteen hundred thousand athasy the European and American tourists came in, but when I started the armed conflict in Europe and the U.S. ten-year ban on tourism in Kashmir."

Faiz gave traders

He says that Indian government threw its full global event, but now new research has revealed that the Indian forces were also hand '.

Pervez amruz believe that the UK and other countries is good for Kashmiris., British and American citizens are sensitive towards tourism, Kashmir if they will, they will carefully observe military presence here.

Amrfaruq separatist leader Mirwaiz welcome this decision. They say, 'We can not drive on the same side., We'll have to see how foreign investment. Tourism is important for him. A revolutionary decision. Britain and the U.S. citizens would exchange Kashmiris on the cultural level. "

Mirwaiz said the Hurriyat Conference imposed a strict military rules of Western tourists here, especially armdfursz Special paurz Act or misuse of afspa will provide information.

local courts in the trial of soldiers and paramilitary personnel are listed, but afspa prosecuted under the law must allow for the Government.

Indian-administered Kashmir to promote tourism in local business and political leaders are happy.

Talat Parvez, head of tourism department says the problem is that currently if widely opened to tourists in Kashmir, but strongly feel there is a lack of infrastructure or infrastructure. Official sources told the BBC The Guestbook houses, hotels and House of boots in Kashmir is currently administered only fifty thousand beds.

It is noteworthy that twenty years ago in Kashmir during summer and winter seasons both European and American tourists was tied up. Many foreign tourists to dhlanun of North Kashmir's alaqyglmrg that looked skyyng.


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