Julian Assange: 'extremist' political figures passing WikiLeaks 'economic loss of life penalty'

Julian Assange these days charged “right wing” United states political figures and “extremists” of passing WikiLeaks an "economic loss of life penalty” after followers were avoided from giving an incredible number of pounds.
Speaking from inside the Ecuadorean embassy, the WikiLeaks creator charged "crazed” Separate Senator Joe Lieberman and Republican representative Chris Master of pressuring companies into preventing resources to his whistle-blowing web page.
Visa and MasterCard were among several payment companies who started the massive “banking blockade” soon after WikLeaks launched more than 250,000 private State Division cords in Dec 2010.
Today, the Australia asked for forgiveness with the Western Partnership to help raise the two-year financial obstruction, through DataCell, an Icelandic company, which had left the web page battling for its success.
Mr Assange, 41, confessed the obstruction had cost the web page more than £30 thousand in lost contributions, destroyed 95 % of its income and pressured its team to take pay reduces of up to 40 %.
It had also decreased the number of launched records it openly launched through its web page, he added.


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