Judge released terrorist due to fear.Anterior Minester Rehman Malik

The law and order in Karachi on November fourteen cabinet about said during the briefing. According to him Karachi and Quetta banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi involved in acts of murder.
Interior Minister told the Cabinet that the banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, is involved in the killing of Shias killed in Quetta same organization is responsible.

Karachi's situation became heated debate prematurely and seven-point agenda for consideration was postponed until the next meeting.
Pakistan has become battleground

"The countries that support terrorism strictly diplomatic deal with them. Wars in other countries, Pakistan has become a battlefield."

Pakistani Interior Minister Farooq Naek said that target killing three questions of who is responsible? Why are not they arrested? Target killings in Karachi to restore peace and method is.
Some ministers said the failure of intelligence agencies in Sindh lawlessness. 'U.S., UK, Sri Lanka was facing a terror he can control it through effective legislation so why can not Pakistan.?
The court released on bail Malik Ishaq

The cabinet ministers backing the terrorists and those who know all about. Those countries, assist terrorists be dealt with strictly diplomatic level.

Bas ministers said that Pakistan has become a battlefield for the wars of others. Terrorists to financial support diplomatic efforts with countries in the finance ministry has not given any concrete information.


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