Govt destroying HEC.Imran khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chair Imran Khan has said that the government’s involvement in the matters of Greater Knowledge Percentage (HEC) is an continuous plan of ruining all practical condition organizations of the nation.
In a declaration here on Saturday, he said, “It seems that all practical condition organizations are being damaged one by one under a plan. While the HEC, the only organization assisting the youngsters, is not performing as well as it can, it is still providing in the area better education and the govt should assistance it to enhance its performing,” Imran Khan included.
He estimated that the govt had been preventing its work since it came into energy. “Now it has gone for a complete attack on HEC, covering its sources for further data crime.”
The PTI primary outlined that govt had contravened the transaction from the judge of Apr 2011, particularly asking the govt not to breach HEC Regulation 2002 by getting the Organization Department to employ a bureaucrat as Professional Home of the HEC.
Legally according to the HEC Regulation, the Percentage has the energy to make this consultation. More intense still, a outdated Significant, now a quality 22 bureaucrat, has been given this consultation changing a certified technocrat, Imran said.


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