GHAZA Attack. I have never seen like this before

Wednesday by Israel's assassination of Hamas military leader after the war broke out in Gaza and Israel flames are out till now. Now thirty-three Palestinians and three Israelis have been killed. Egypt's leaders' open hostility "In view of Gaza has vowed to support.

People of this region are described how they have been affected by this war.
Five minutes after seven o'clock on Friday evening: Gaza

The BBC's correspondent in Gaza, said that aerial bombing of June dunysn voices are ongoing.

Dima torch to Twitter Post: very big explosion near my house. My God, it seems as if an earthquake was coming.

Rana's Twitter message: series of explosions. Increase in the number of Israeli drunun.

On Twitter Sorani message of faith: Sounds of explosions faster, faster are getting.
Six-thirty pm Friday: Jerusalem

Lucy Cohen: I'm living in London but live last fifteen sixteen years in Jerusalem. During my sixteen-year-old I had ever seen an air raid.

Six o'clock on Friday evening Pune: Jerusalem

He said Hamas fired rockets at Jerusalem. This is the first time that the holy city is attacked.

Amit mnsruf e-mail: Alarm in Jerusalem., We are in the shelter., We still do not know what is.

Catherine of uaybl message on Twitter: People in Jerusalem are in a state of shock. Nobody thought that the city could also targeted Palestinians who live in the half.
Friday evening at five-thirty: jafh, Israel

Women for Peace activist Ruth lyhy Child: Tel Aviv today I heard a blast and a half hours., But in Israel today in the West Bank village of baleen participated in protests against attacks on Gaza.

Friday demonstrations against the occupation of the Gaza Strip we are. Many Israelis, Palestinians and people from other countries come together for a peaceful demonstration.

and has used rubber bullets, but we leave it refused to obey illegal orders.
But at four o'clock Friday: Tel Aviv

Cecelia: in the center of Tel Aviv we heard the explosion of a rocket. They were terrified and was crying in a restaurant.

An analyst and expert on Middle East affairs and I came here to research Hamas. Sabbath because I fear that more will rocket because it is the Jewish holy day.
Four o'clock Friday: Gaza

Majid's on Twitter abuslmh message: I'm going to my friend's father's funeral was the last martyr. Was a teacher and then came under attack when they visited the injured were going for.

Abu Maryam Aamir on Twitter Message: I hear bang cykty so quiet around me, I do not fear the child.
Four o'clock Friday: Gaza

Carmel, age 17 years: the big bang was heard. Request of the local hospital to donate blood to people that is why many people have been injured.

Last night I saw people cykty and cry. Israeli attacks have killed so many civilians and children.

I told my younger brother that is voices of fireworks., I did not want to upset them.

They're called. Palestinian each other because they are talking about numbers that come up with these numbers not raise it.

Every two minutes later, a bomb explosion is heard, and we can not get out of the house., We have stored food for a month so we have to get out of the house.
Forty minutes after one o'clock Friday: Tel Aviv

Israel's air raid sirens in the city of Tel Aviv are heard. Town people are sending messages on Twitter about it for:

Slumt spyra: Tel Aviv, two minutes before the siren rang.

David Shane: That was just the sound of a rocket falling., I'm fine.

Mental Nome: sirens and a loud explosion of a missile.
Fri o'clock: near Tel Aviv

Alan brgsajl: I moved to Israel three years ago., My mother is Israeli, but I'm in London. Mine is 26 years old and I'm here master.

Rocket attacks usually we go down the stairs to safety. Soon as the strike ends but this situation is different.

Every few minutes after the blast are now., I have not seen anything like this before.


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