Former Southern Africa Elegance King Turn To Islam In Gaza

Former Miss Southeast African-american champ Lynne Massyn reverted to Islam in the Gaza Eliminate, during a finishing marriage for a record of students at the Islamic University in Sept 2012.

In front part side of 10 000 guests and 450 students, Lynne, who was known as as the SA beauty master in 1976, declared the Shahada or declaration of Believe in during a finishing marriage at the Islamic University of Gaza.

She was element of a relaxation team in Gaza including the Southeast African-american Comfort Organization (SARA), under the power of Sheikh Walid as-Saadi. Lynne associated the organization as a other relaxation.

She said that her interest in Islam and Islamic people began around a period and a 50 % ago when she finalized up with the team as the media get in touch with formal.

“During now I found out about Palestine, related of Walid as-Saadi, and I just thought the improve of Islam among these people that was so enjoyable and awesome to me,” she described.

At the marriage, Sheikh as-Saadi was provided a doctor's and the team was identified as famous guests.

Lynne said it was an awesome evening and seemed to be ‘the right time’. “It was so emotional and just so unforgettable.”

The beauty master said that before her growth of Islam she was not ready to any particular perception.

“It was the spirit of the people initially, the pleasure and principles is what attracted me and then of course the fact,” she said describing how her interest to Islam was convinced.

She described how her move was cordially acquired by the Palestinian people of Gaza: “It was really so emotional,” she said. “I could hardly get out of there, the people were showering me with so much really like and relaxation. I have never thought so approved by people in my way of life,” Lynne said.

“I can hardly discuss it currently because it has not yet sunk in.”


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