Forget Victory or Defeat- We Love ‘Em by Muhammad Talha

So Pakistan has been ousted by Sri Lanka in the semi-final of the t20 world cup, 2012. The defeat was marked by vehement protests against the giants of the Pakistani cricket team; Shahid Afridi being in the spot light. People from every walk of life started fulminating against the players for their performance.
Let’s just pause the music of contumely for a while and check this status out that Shahid Afridi posted after the match:

“I Know many of you people just sleep after watching the match but you remember after loosing last T-20 semi final against Australia which we lost due to saeed ajmal last over and then when he returned to his home his father kicked him out of his house and after 6 months later he is able to join his own home in Faisalabad. Do you understand what’s the situation of players & their families right now? Are they sleep or not ? and you are criticizing Shahid Afridi due to his poor performance”.

This reflects a very bitter truth. I totally concur with him. Winning or losing is a part of the game. The real victory lies in the manner of the fight that you put up. Performing under tremendous amount of pressure, in the presence of huge crowds, in a noisy and clamorous atmosphere takes a lot of courage and a stout heart. No one should forget that Pakistan in the only team to reach the semis of all 04 t20 world cups. In fact, starting from 2007, Pakistan has always reached the semi-final of every major ICC event. This is what is called performance in its true sense.

In lieu of just launching into diatribes against the team let’s just think over it for a second. Let’s place ourselves inside their minds and see the things from their viewing angle. Defeat frays our emotions even when we are sitting against a TV screen miles away from the actual place of encounter. So doesn’t defeat hurt those who are directly involved in the action? Yes, it does; it surely does! Ask them and their families. Try to discern their dismay and try to listen to their silent screams. Try to peep inside their heart and it will transpire on you that their heart sheds a tear after every second, for they were the chosen ones and they failed to bag a victory.

Pakistan is a cricket crazy nation. Whenever our team is about to embark upon a major tournament we lade them with a huge burden of anticipations and always want them to come out as victors. We always forget that there are other teams as well and that their nations also have faith in them and want them to bring home the cup. We can’t always win. We should inculcate in ourselves some toleration. If we can’t remain with anyone in his bad times then we shouldn’t be with him in his good times too.

To sum it up, don’t forget that we are ‘Pakistan’. These 11 men are our heroes. They are, indeed, champions. They have made us proud. They are the sons of our soil. Their heart also throbs for Pakistan. We, the Pakistani nation, are their strength. We are their courage and their real zealot. For once, just for once, embrace them warmly and I assure you that results would be magnificent. When a whole nation gets behind her team even in predicament then nothing, and I mean nothing, can stop the team from clawing back triumph. Pakistan Zindabaad, Pakistani team Paindabaad!


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