Balochistan isssue

pakistan is facing more crises now a which one of them is balochistan issue.No one in pakistan goverment is serious for this.Nawab bugti was in favour of pakistan and also a great leader of balochistan.unfortunately he was killed in liberation movement is in the hand of youth like Brahmdagh and hair bayar.They do not want to talk with pakistani goverment.some baloch leaders are taking money from forign countries.people of province are facing difficulties .Many Baloch leaders(sardars) are like dictators.They also create problems for common people and not want prosperity.When GEN Mushraf was president the socio ecnomic condition of province was better.operation in dera bugti and support of kalpar tribe by goverment made security satuation difficult.Democratic goverment not delivering also this time.youth is participating in liberation movement.BSO(AZAD) has strong hold in universties of province.Youth participation in liberation make security satuation difficult to control.Now it is time of dialogue if Goverment is serious for Balochistan but common baloch people will be focused in dialogue.


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